Popping Like a Kernel 

Hi all! 

Lately, I’ve been consumed by my lack of time due to my a) schoolwork and b) sudden depressive upsurge. The sum of these to things means that while homework and quizzes and tests pile up over my head in a Mount Everest-esque way, I remain sitting at my desk, staring at my phone, pretending it doesn’t exist.

Closing my eyes and counting doesn’t seem to make all this work go away, though, wish as I might. The pressure of everything is building up in me. I feel like a popcorn kernal that’s just going to pop one day and be shoved into someone’s mouth. All of that time and energy spent on nothing. 

Stress! Stress! Stress!

I literally have no time for myself, let alone for my blog, which is very discouraging. I hate not having time to live life- the cycle of homework and studying and school feels so monotonous and grey that depression seeps back in to my life relatively easily.

So basically, this is my sorry excuse for why I haven’t been blogging regularly. I didn’t even have time to put up something motivational for Monday! And boy, do I really need that right now. I’ve always said to myself that I won’t apologize for anything on my blog, but I really do feel kind of guilty for leaving my blog stagnant like that. 

Sorry, not sorry 😁😂

Lots of love, c. ❤

I hope you have a fantastic day, whatever day you’re in. Believe it or not, you deserve it  


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