Hi all! 😊

Oh my goodness, how can I sum up all of me on one About page? Up there, next the About tab, is My Story, of how my struggles with mental health all began, so if you’d like to read it, there’s that.

This blog is intended to be as multi-faceted as I am; although I have a focus on mental health, I also tend to be optimistic, and try share this positivity with you through many of my posts, especially through my Post-itivity series for Monday motivation.

I try to share some inspiration and motivation as well as mental health stories on my blog! I’ve had depression and social anxiety, so I understand the importance of happiness and humor for a better, happier life.

More importantly, though, I share stories, thoughts, and my own experiences in mental health. I want to break its stigma, and provide support to other people like me. I also want to show people that I am not defined by my mental illnesses. After all, I like to call myself a depressed optimist- an oxymoron if I ever heard one, haha!:)

I like to say that if I can’t make myself happy, I might as well make someone else happy.

More Than Depression Blog Post– how I hope that I won’t be seen solely based on my mental illness and more on my genuine personality in my writing:)

To a happiness-filled life,

xoxo, ❤c.

Currently posting on a loose schedule of Monday/Wednesday/Friday; I post when I have time and something interesting to say!

Let’s build a mental health blog community. Use my contact form to contact me if interested in working with me! (or comment on a post- I’ll respond more quickly!)

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