Things of Beauty

The shimmering stars,

Suspended in the velvety night

The curves of the glowing moon,

And the mystical moonbeams that fall upon the Earth.

The clouds that make the deep blue sky rich, and

Water, the pure colorless beauty

Flowing over pebble, ebbing at low tide, sliding down rooftops,

Shattering into mist.

Butterflies, those winged beauties

Of finely spun colored glass,

That flit with a dancer’s grace, bobbing, twirling-


Birdsong, lifting, swooping, undulating

As the birds themselves, through the air.

Flowers, with their delicate grace

Sway in the wind, as do the green blades

Of the meadow.

Time blossoms, mountains wear

But things of beauty

Are eternal.



The things of nature are worth more than a million fortunes. 😉

I’ll see you on Monday!


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