Simply Unmeasurable

Love in measuring cups,

Friendship by inches,

Beauty by rank,

Numbers of wishes.

Percents on paper,

Letters too.

They mean nothing

Nothing about you.

Digits on a scale,

Always too big

Never mind that, never fear

They mean nothing

Nothing about you.

Rulers, tape measures, letters of the alphabet.

Measuring cups, meters and yards, pounds and measuring scales,

Meaningless numbers and letters are what they are;

They are not you.

Life, lovely and bright

Condensed into squiggles

Numbers flashing upon a screen


For do we make

That brilliant sunset

Into numbers?

Weigh kindness

Upon the scales?

Can we rob

Love of its dignity

And make it


Take the ruler

To your beauty

No, no


Restrictions like these-

Numbers don’t define you.

Darling, love,

All those things that matter

Are simply unmeasurable.


Are unmeasurable.



via Daily Prompt: Measure



So it’s hump day, and I’m just as ready for the weekend as you are 😂 I honestly thought that it was Thursday today when I woke up- ah, such disappointment. But then I realized I could post some Wednesday encouragement! So here’s one of my favorite quotes: 

“Don’t judge each day by the harvest you reap but by the seeds that you plant. ”   Robert Louis Stevenson

Sometimes I beat myself up over crap that happens in my day, even if it wasn’t quite my fault. We all do this– we all are too hard on ourselves sometimes. Remember that it’s really not the outcome of a day that counts but the thought and effort that went into it.

Look, out of all the people in your life (except maybe your mom) you know yourself best. You about how much you’ve been trying and all that you’ve gone through. You know if you’ve been in bed all day because you were depressed, not lazy; if you were stressing because of your horrible boss and unable to concentrate; if you were silent in class because you have social anxiety. Don’t be that one negative person in your own life. Cut yourself some slack.

Come on, I’m rooting for you. May you have a crazy great camel day..             XOXO, c. ❤

p.s. as the renowned philosopher Hailee Steinfeld once said, (remember to) love yourself