Simply Unmeasurable

Love in measuring cups,

Friendship by inches,

Beauty by rank,

Numbers of wishes.

Percents on paper,

Letters too.

They mean nothing

Nothing about you.

Digits on a scale,

Always too big

Never mind that, never fear

They mean nothing

Nothing about you.

Rulers, tape measures, letters of the alphabet.

Measuring cups, meters and yards, pounds and measuring scales,

Meaningless numbers and letters are what they are;

They are not you.

Life, lovely and bright

Condensed into squiggles

Numbers flashing upon a screen


For do we make

That brilliant sunset

Into numbers?

Weigh kindness

Upon the scales?

Can we rob

Love of its dignity

And make it


Take the ruler

To your beauty

No, no


Restrictions like these-

Numbers don’t define you.

Darling, love,

All those things that matter

Are simply unmeasurable.


Are unmeasurable.



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Post-itivity! (Motivational Mondays)

Post-itivity! Sailing on the Sea of Life

Postitivity sails

Life is as inconstant as your ex.

There’s going to be an awful lot of wild storms out there. And maybe when the water just seems to become calm, out will randomly pop a sea monster, as if you’re in an overly dramatic, low-budget film with no plot whatsoever. When calamity after calamity strikes, and the crappy actors react in the same way each time- “I did not see that coming!”


More than monsters that will never stop coming, challenges and certain situations or events in life will (obviously) never stop occurring. It takes a lot of time to realize and accept that some things that will never change, nor be affected by you.

That one person that you want to change will never change. The weather won’t magically *poof* into a sun-shiny, bright day for you. The wind won’t stop messing up your hair. Your ex won’t turn into a sensitive, compassionate being and beg for your forgiveness. You won’t get out of debt by moaning and asking people for more loans. Life is going to keep rolling, maybe dragging you along with it. 

It’s up to you to make a change.

To get change, you need to enact a change. You need to enact change, or adapt. If something in life is going the wrong way, create change. Don’t wait for your life to do it!

If you’re on a train heading south but you want to go north, don’t go around waiting for it to make a U-turn! Jump off of it, and find a new one!

Of course, it isn’t as easy as that. It is never that easy. Especially when the things that you can’t control is something like a problem with your mental health.

There are things that you can do, however, even if you’re stuck in a situation that’s seemingly hopeless. Don’t wallow in your misery and accept it as a fact of life. There is always a way out; sometimes we just can’t see it. 

Accept the past, let go, move on. Embrace all that is wrong in your life, and accept that you can’t control everything. Make up your mind, and just take that first step to make a change.

Change, no matter how hard or distant it seems, is always possible. It is never too late.

Never give up. You can’t control some (a lot) of things, but you can always control how you react to them.

xoxo, c. ❤️

Featured Image Credit: that beautiful sailboat pic is from Click a Life Coach

ps  this is real talk. that’s why it’s a longer, heavier post than usual (sorry). I’ve been feeling down, and even this didn’t cheer me up, so that’s why I may sound so serious.

pps BUBBLES! SPRINKLES! RAINBOWS! Ok, now I either sound a lot less serious or just plain weird. 😂 bye!


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Post-itivity! (Motivational Mondays)

POST-ITITIVY: Life- You’ll Die Anyway

“Do not take life too seriously. You will never get out of it alive.” -Elbert Hubbard

This quote is one of my favorite funny quotes of all time- it’s that perfect balance between humor and actual words of wisdom applicable to our sad little daily lives.

I’m sure that we’ve all taken life too seriously before, so seriously that we allow it to drain the hell out of us. We stress over things that shouldn’t matter, do stuff that we shouldn’t do, and worry our lives away, which is as pointless as pressing the crosswalk button more than once.  *Let’s admit it; we all have done that 😂*

Although I do tend to over-magnify the importance of things, and stress over things that shouldn’t really matter to me, I really do try to keep my stress levels to a minimum. Life is short but sweet and it’s truly up to us to decide whether to enjoy it or not.

Make sure that you do things that you’ll be happy you did, years later. Don’t let things that won’t matter in a few years stress you out.


xoxo, c.❤

Credit: Padtastic




Post-itivity! (Motivational Mondays)

Post-itivity #1: THE JOURNEY


Get started on whatever you want to do. The time is NOW. Not during the New Year’s, not tomorrow, next week, next month…it will never end.

In the words of a tiny, unknown shoe company, JUST DO IT. Take that first step. If you never start, you’ll never ever get to where you want to be. Go do whatever you’ve been wanting to do- don’t let anything else get in the way of your goals. Do it RIGHT. NOW. We’re all waiting:)

XOXO, c. ❤

Go do amazing, brilliant things. Preferably in those Nikes:)

Featured Image Credit: Why Dev