Depression, Social Anxiety

To Tell You the Truth; Post-itivity

Today, I simply did not have the time nor the energy nor the will to create a Monday Motivation post. So I didn’t;) 

I’m just exhausted. From homework, from stress, from anxiety, from depression. 

I think I need a bit of a break. I’m not sure if posting on a schedule is helping me at all, so I may or may not post on Thursday. 

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Post-itivity #1: THE JOURNEY

I think that trying to spread motivation while you’re low is exhausting, and I won’t do that to myself for views or likes or anything. 

I also do not want to be a hypocrite or falsely positive when I am not; I am depressed so I AM DEPRESSED. 😂 

Well, I don’t know what the point of this was, but it made me feel better. 

But I do suppose that not everything needs to have a point; something that seems pointless could be meaningful in the best way.

If that was words of wisdom or a strange rambling sentence, I do not know 😂  

Anyways, I literally have 50 pages of notes to take on AP (college level) European history. World War I was absolutely pointless, yet we have to learn about it anyway. 

Good bye, until I see you again; 

XO c ❤


Comments Going to Spam!

Hi all 😊

I wanted to write this quick post because I just discovered that some comments on my posts are going to spam!

I always reply to nice comments; if I don’t say anything there’s a good chance that your comment was sorted out by the program.

To try to avoid being sorted into spam:

  1. Don’t put links in your comments; that will automatically make the comments sorted out
  2. Spell everything correctly in your comment

So I am sorry if I didn’t see your comments until now! I will make sure to reply to them, as they are quite lovely..

I hope that you have a fantastic day!

XO c ❤


It’s Over 125! But That Is Not the Best Part.

Firstly, wow. I can’t believe it- AHHH! Thank you so much for reading what I have to say. You guys may not know it, but you help make my day 😊.

So thank you very much for that:)

However, (being the party pooper that I am 😝) I’m not as happy about this as I am about other things.

My favorite part about blogging is the people from the blogging community. For it truly is a community, and I love it! There’s a sense of support and empathy with always someone to read what you have to say, and lovely people to interact with.

Ah, the people! The kindness from virtual strangers haha, get it? double meaning…gosh I’m so corny sometimes is almost overwhelming, in the best way possible. It is absolutely lovely how people take the time to try to relate to each other, and comment their opinions, or advice, or encouragement, or compliments… I love it. I love being a part of this, as rewards go both ways.

There are many times when someone has left a comment that makes me smile, or sometimes even makes my day a bit brighter. Imagine that- just a little kindness from an online stranger goes a long way. This makes me realize how similar many of us are, really, and how kind people can be. Isn’t that amazing to think about?

Similarly, I feel so ecstatic whenever I comment something, and the person tells me that I’ve made their day. This is why I’m on here, this is why I’m blogging. I want to be able to relate to other people, let others know that they’re not alone, and maybe make someone happy!

Follows are simply numbers. It is the people that are important to me.

Thank you for your kindness. Thank you for talking to me, for giving me advice and encouragement, for helping me up when I’m feeling down (whether you realize it or not). Thank you for listening to what a random girl on the internet has to say.

Don’t let the numbers get you down,

xoxo, c. 💖

ps. Monday post-itivity coming soon!

pps. if I don’t catch you in my next post today, have a fantastic day! and please do let that blossom into a wonderful week:)


The One Lovely Blog Award!

This is my first blogging award nomination! AHHH 😂 I’m so happy.

Thank you so much to Cheila for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award! Please do check out her blog, Pink for Days. She’s a fantastic blogger with such a genuine personality. So click on that link!;)

Here are the rules for being nominated:

  1. Thank the person who nominated you, and include a link to their blog
  2. Include the rules of the award and add the blog award badge as an image
  3. Write seven facts about yourself
  4. Nominate at most 15 other bloggers, and let them know

Seven Facts About Me
I write this blog anonymously, so I won’t include anything too revealing, but I’ll give you some interesting (or not so interesting) facts about me all the same!

  1. I live in the United States of America. That’s about as daring as I’ll get for now 😂
  2. My favorite color is blue! Any shade, really, but my absolute favorite is Carribbean blue, like the water on a tropical beach. Ahhh, so pretty and relaxing (unlike me 😂)
  3. I love to read books. I could read for hours on end, in utter bliss. This was a habit built up when I was little as a result of my depression, but it is the best addiction all the same. My favorite books are old classics!
  4. Only my best, best friend (we’ve been friends for literally over a decade!) knows that I have depression. I’m not ashamed of having depression or social anxiety, but it’s not exactly conversation material, is it? 😂 That may be the biggest problem with mental health.
  5. My biggest aspiration right now is to become a doctor. I want a job that’s meaningful, in which I get to help others!
  6. I’m an optimist who loves to daydream.
  7. My biggest goals in life are to be kind, help others, and have an impact, no matter how small, on the world.

For the nominations, I’ll release a list of them on Thursday. There are so many fantastic blogs to choose from!! I’m so sad that I can’t give nominations out to every blog that I love. I need time to decide this and make a post. Please note that I already have most of the 15 bloggers in mind, and my decisions will not be affected by more liking or commenting of or on my posts in the days leading up to my nominations; just a heads up;)

Have a fantastic couple of days, and I’ll see you on Thursday!

xoxo, c. 😊

~Post-itivity is coming along later today, too:)~

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Post-itivity #1: THE JOURNEY

Ps Again, thank you so much Cheila! ❤



Hi all! 

I’ve been debating about doing this for a while now. At the beginning of blogging I somehow had so much time on hand I could spend an hour every day on my blog, editing my website and creating new posts.

Now, I have so much to do I can barely keep up with schoolwork and life, let alone my blog, so I’m going to write every Monday and Thursday for sure, and when I have something to say, on other days as well.

I also think that writing on a schedule will make my posts better. 

Yayayay! Everyone wins 😂

Xoxo, c. ❤

ps: oh. today’s Wednesday.

see you tomorrow:) 

My Thoughts

I Won’t Try

You don’t have to try, so hard

You don’t have to, give it all away

You just have to get up, get up, get up

You don’t have to change a single thing

-“Try”, Colbie Caillat

Hi all! Lately, with my depression flaring up again, life, and this blog, I’ve been under a lot of stress. I’ve been trying so hard to write something that people will find meaningful and interesting on my blog, I’ve been trying so hard to act all natural and “happy” in real life, it’s just been a lot and I’m starting to wear myself down. Although this blog was supposed to help cope with my depression, I’ve found that sometimes, it’s done just the opposite. And with my social anxiety, I’m scared about what ANYONE and EVERYONE will think about me and my blog. Oh my gosh I hate it.

So this is just a post to say that from now on, I’m just writing and posting what’s true to me. I’m not going to pretend to be happy if I’m not. I’m not going to pretend I’m depressed and anxious when I’m not. I’ll still try to write about both my mental health and positive, inspirational stuff that helps me, but when I feel like it. So I’m going to try to stop tracking my views/likes/follows as closely as I am now. It’ll be better for me that way.

This blog, like all blogs, should be mainly for the author. I won’t tailor my writing to try appeal to readers. Better for me, better for you, I guess. This is just me, unfiltered, unchanged.

On that note, best of luck with your own blogs! Remember that the most important reader of your blog is yourself. Whether people like your blog or not is irrelevant, because you started your own blog for your own reason.

XOXO, c.:)