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Happy Birthday- Sweet Sixteen! Un Examen Para Mí

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A Not-So Sweet Sweet Sixteen

Yes, it is my 16th birthday today! Besides being the date of the Battle of Hogwarts (for Potterheads lol), May 2nd is the day I came into this world and the day on which I’ve come to expect a major life change every year, i.e., magically and immediately overcoming my fear of interacting with people. This change has not yet happened, but I’ve still got hope! xD Fairy godmother, please…?  1-800-I AM- DESPERATE

I was actually kind of dreading my birthday this year, because on the date of my sweet sixteen is also the day of my AP Spanish test.

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… happy birthday


So on the morning of my birthday, I’ll be stuck in the cafeteria for three-four hours taking an important, stressful, scary exam in a foreign language. I can’t even speak English to people properly. How the hell am I going to do all of this stuff in Spanish? xD But I have faith that I will at the least pass the test with a 3, which is *a teeny-tiny bit* important considering that this test costed $140. 

Almost everyone has reacted with the utmost pity upon hearing that my birthday is on the day of this exam, but I honestly don’t care much. I don’t really do anything on my birthday anyway; I just eat cake and go out with my family on the weekend. I’ve got to admit that having the AP Spanish test on my birthday brings me a certain kind of (odd) relief. I’m that one girl who’s just there, so practically nobody knows when my birthday is. And when one of my friends tries to tell the whole class that it is, I end up getting embarrassed with all of the attention. I’d really rather not draw so much attention to myself.

That’s also why I don’t have birthday parties. Most of my friends, like me, have parents who don’t allow them to hang out with friends much, and I don’t have very many of them, so it wouldn’t be much of a party. I think having a party would stress me out, though, so just celebrating with family is nice.

My Dream Birthday

  • would be spent on the beach
  • or in the woods
  • with my family
  • I always love to visit bookstores, so…
  • I love dim sum. I’d go eat dim sum
  • NOT SO MANY PHOTOS PLEASE dear parents 😂 I don’t need to pretend to blow out candles for a picture; I just look stupid
  • a vacation on my birthday would be nice
  • I want to go everywhere. First destination is Europe, because I’m classy :p
  • going swimming! preferrably in the ocean
  • visiting a museum
  • visiting a science center!! I love those
  • Getting a dolphin, which I’d name Bob and put in my bathtub (kidding; I’d eat it)

OMG what’s wrong with me xD

I will celebrate on the weekend, with my favorite type of cake- tres leches. (That matches up with my AP test, I just realized). I have an incredible sweet tooth, and that sponge cake soaked in three kinds of milk, all sweetened, is heavenly for me. (though probably very unhealthy, but who cares? it’s so good). Topping it will be those sparkling candles that look low-key dangerous because they emit sparks. I am assuming that they will look something like this-

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Tall sparklers that you stick into cakes, basically:)

So I will have sixteen of those (my parents always try to convince me to just put one or two in, but I want all of them or else it’s cheating 😂) and for sixteen candles, sixteen wishes:

16 Birthday Wishes

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  1. To be more comfortable around other people,
  2. To talk more in class,
  3. To expand my cardboard box of a comfort zone,
  4. To care more about my own health,
  5. To eat healthier (not less, but more thoughtfully) and exercise more,
  6. To care more about school,
  7. To get better grades,
  8. To raise my expectations for myself (lol, I know)
  9. To feel comfortable being myself,
  10. To feel good about myself,
  11. To celebrate me!
  12. To know what makes me fantastic,
  13. To not be disappointed in myself,
  14. To volunteer at nonprofits over the summer,
  15. To do more of what I love,
  16. To have a better relationship with my dad.

Most of my wishes are about my self-confidence and mental health, as you can see. I probably shouldn’t call these wishes, but goals so that I can have more control over them. Wishes don’t get you anywhere, but goals certainly do.

So that will be how I’m spending my birthday:) I know that things don’t change overnight, but I’m determined to make this year my year.

Life, watch out. This crazy girl’s going to come at you with a tennis racket.

Cate 😊

40 thoughts on “Happy Birthday- Sweet Sixteen! Un Examen Para Mí”

  1. Hey, don’t let this dumb test get in the way of the fact that YOUR 16!!! Happy Birthday! Now you can legally get married, drink wine/beer when accompanied by someone 18 years or older, change your name, buy a lottery ticket, leave the house without parent consent, and even consent to sexual activities with anyone 16 or over!! The world just opened up!! . . . Now if only it was legal to skip a Spanish test because it’s your birthday.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you so much!! I live in the US so I can’t do any of that right now. Which country allows of that lol? Out of curiosity 😂 but thanks so much!! And yes, if only I could’ve done that ..


    And oh my gosh I totally get what you mean, I hate photos on my birthday, photos taken of me in general really! And the attention freaks my socially awkward, shy and self conscious little self out really😂😂

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Happy birthday, my dear!! 16 is so beautiful!! You’ll have an amazing year and achieve all of your goals because you’re no longer a child, you’re a strong woman, who fights for things and that is confident in her own skin. I’m rooting for you!! I hope your parents take a bunch of embarrassing pictures, you’ll thank them, 10 years from now 🙂

    Liked by 2 people

  4. Happy birthday! I really like the idea of volunteering at a non-profit over the summer. One of the ways I try to keep myself healthy is helping others (but not the I’ve-overextended-myself-and-am-now-miserable-and-stressed kind of helping). It makes me feel like I’m having a positive impact on the world. I think it might help you too.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you!! Yes, I definitely agree with that- not pushing yourself too hard is something really important. I really hope it will help me!:) I love volunteering.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Aw happy birthday!!! I hope your AP Spanish goes well, enjoy your cake. Also, i can totally relate to the sweet tooth thing… I love love love cake and ice cream and donuts, etc, etc, etc. 🙂 Anyway, have a great day. I’m sure your sixteenth year will be awesome. xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Hi Cate belated Happy Birthday, i actually post a comment twice yesterday but somehow it wasnt posted😬. Anyway hope you had a great birthday and did well on your test. I do love tres leches cake too 🎂 🎈🎉

    Liked by 1 person

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