Hi all! 

I’ve been debating about doing this for a while now. At the beginning of blogging I somehow had so much time on hand I could spend an hour every day on my blog, editing my website and creating new posts.

Now, I have so much to do I can barely keep up with schoolwork and life, let alone my blog, so I’m going to write every Monday and Thursday for sure, and when I have something to say, on other days as well.

I also think that writing on a schedule will make my posts better. 

Yayayay! Everyone wins 😂

Xoxo, c. ❤

ps: oh. today’s Wednesday.

see you tomorrow:) 


4 thoughts on “POSTING ON A SCHEDULE”

  1. I have kind of a hectic schedule as well, haha the struggle is real. I noticed myself getting a little irritated with trying to blog as often as I would have originally hoped. I wanted to write once a week and ended up hastily putting something together on the seventh day just to make sure that I didn’t disappoint myself and miss a deadline. Then I started writing drafts in my free time, it made life so much easier. Now I’m posting twice a week. Sometimes finishing a draft that I started before, sometimes writing and posting on the spot, it gave me a lot of freedom, especially since you can schedule drafts on here. Hopefully this helps!

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