My Father’s Daughter

My father, he loves her, I know he does.

But he broke her heart

Before any man could.

Out of pain, out of sorrow, he lashed out in anger

The tears on her face

Etched scars onto her heart.

His own pain blinding him from hers

He thought

When the tears dried it was all gone.

But the wounds

Were still bleeding.

Years have passed, wounds opened anew

Lips have sworn

The kiss of a sorry

Tears in his eyes

Now forget all this, hush-hush, leave it alone.

You must forgive.

He is trying, he is kind, at peace once again.

Smiles, hugs, love where anger once flickered

No more pain for him

But while he is at peace, she is in sorrow

The scars have deepened, the heart toughened.

She is trying, trying trying!

My father, he loves me. I know he does.

His daughter, she loves him.

But can she forgive?


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