Hi all! Whether you’re here because you just want something to do or life has gotten you down, here’s a list of some things to do or learn. Without further ado, in no particular order, THE LIST:) enjoy! 

  1. Do Yoga- You know what anyone who does yoga says–it helps you get more stressed. Just kidding! haha:) Not only can you get more fit, but you can seriously relax and feel happier. I was a skeptic before, but now I love yoga. You can’t stay stressed upside-down or in pretzel form. My favorite yoga YouTube channel is Yoga With Adriene. She makes yoga fun and simple, and has a sense of humor that shows through as well.  Need: yoga mat, $10-20 
  2. Read a Book– Reading books is one of the great joys of my miserable little life. Relaxing, fun, interesting, and much better than scrolling lifelessly through your phone. I love going to Barnes and Noble and reading books there. Is it just me? Am I weird? A list of my favorites (young adult and classics) coming soon. 
  3. Learn to Crochet- Ahh, crochet, my favorite. So calming and rewarding. It’s versatile and easy to learn–you can make things from blankets and scarves to baskets and, my favorite, little animals called amigurumi. I recommend watching the HappyBerry Crochet youtube channel to learn how to crochet. A good first project once you learn the basics is crocheting a simple flower.  Once you get the basics, use Pinterest to get ideas/free patterns! My Pinterest. Need: crochet hook (Michaels, around $2 for a single one), yarn (depends)
  4. GO OUTSIDE- Just. Go. Outside. Take a walk, work out, look at flowers, jog in the park, hike, run in the waves on a beach, stare into your neighbor’s houses. Try to enjoy the beauty of nature! Do whatever you like, outdoors in the sunshine and the fresh air. I promise you, you’ll feel better. 🎵 Oh Mr. Sunshine, oh morning sunshine, you make me happpyyyyy sunshine sunglare…🎵  LOL  from Preschool Hits
  5. Talk to a Friend- ring, ring  Friend: hi, what’s up? Me: GIRL, I GOT PROBLEMS.  Unload onto your friend (in a healthy, positive manner, of course). Friends are great. 
  6. Volunteer– Actually one of my favorite things to do. Might as well do something that’s rewarding AND helps others. Now that’s a win/win.May just improve my people skills one of these days…  VolunteerMatch is a good website to find places to volunteer at near you. 
  7. Listen to Music!- Will put you in a good mood (if you choose upbeat songs, of course). I like listening to Demi Lovato and Tori Kelly when I’m down. 
  8. Express Yourself Write, Draw, DIY -blog, draw, paint, knit, do whatever! Make art and share it. Pinterest is a great site to use to come up with creative ideas. 
  9. Hang Out with Your Family or Pets It’s proved that having strong relationships with other people can make a person happier and have fewer health problems. And pets not only make you de-stressed, but they’re fun and love you unconditionally. 
  10. UNPLUG-DISCONNECT from your screens! Especially if (like me) you have depression. It’s all too easy to lose yourself within the ever-bustling virtual world of pictures and posts and celebrity gossip, and it’ll cause your health to deteriorate. GET OUTSIDE! Do whatever else you want to do, instead of mindlessly scrolling through Facebook. It’ll make you feel a lot happier being productive instead of sedentary and passive. 

So that’s it, guys! If you have any questions about, for example, how to buy the right crochet hook, please ask! I’d also love to hear your feedback about this post. I hope you liked it 😊. 

XOXO, c.




  1. Its so crazy how I much I can relate to so much that you’ve written about on your blog! I love to do five or more of these things when I’m stressed out or just feeling down, especially 2, 5, & 7. ❤

    Liked by 1 person

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